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11/23 Hi Debi, 

 Thank you and your folks very much for the virtual exam tech session last Friday.  I appreciate all you all do to help people get on the radio.  Just got my call sign today!

 Again, thank you and I'll see you all for the General in the future.

 Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


James Jordan

11/02 Everything went very smoothly and professionally. I will be using your service again for sure. Have a great night.     Dennis 

09/25 Colt Wills    

I seriously enjoyed the few minutes we all got to spend together, and I just wanted to thank you and the other VE's again for what you do.

 General class coming soon!

09/20 Richard DeSaussure 

Debi -

 Thank you and your team for your patience with me today.  I assure you my equipment was working yesterday !!!


08/29 J Heine: Thanks for a great experience.  The whole team did a wonderful job.  I look forward to learn even more about the hobby.  All the best!

08/14 Lonnie Lewis "Great Team"

08/09 Deb feel free to use this comment.


After taking my technician and general test in a public setting. I found testing with this group online far superior. I was in my own home and much more relaxed. In my opinion being relaxed will only help you test better. The process was seamless. Very professional, kind, and courteous. The team did an excellent job checking the area and my computer before the test began very thorough. Thanks for helping me attain my extra. 73 Marc Vital KD2LMW



Great job by you and your team. Wish my club would go to online also.

08/02 You all were very kind to me and made sure that everything was right last time, and I’m 100% sure it will be the same when I take my General Class exam today! 

07/14 Thank you so much and thank you to the volunteers! We are both very excited. 

We will both keep studying for the future - and do some hands-on learning once we get our callsigns!  Alex and Colleen

07/07 Thanks again to you and the team for a great 4th of July testing experience! Jason Burge

07/05  My thanks to all the VEs who helped me get this done.   Frank

06/29  Excellent instructions and encouragement.  Thank you Lonnie Lewis

06/28  I want to compliment you and your team for my experience so far.  Everything was so easy and everyone was very friendly and helpful.  I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to someone looking to take any of the tests. Benjamin Brossard

06/26 Thank you that was easy.  Your team is Great!! Jose

06/22 Thank you for an excellent experience taking my General exam.
David Smith KJ5BHQ

06/18 Debi ! You and your team were so professional for my technician exam and encouraging to continue on with the general.  thanks and 73,Mike

06/17 Thanks Debi for your help and hard work, I will contact you guy's when I am ready to take the general test. Barry Inn

First, I want to say you all did a great job of making the test experience as pleasant as it could be yesterday Gil Gulick

Thanks to you and your team for making the exam process go smooth.  I appreciate all of the hard work and camaraderie that Hams share.



  Steve S

Thanks for everything Debi.

You've been very helpful and kind. God willing, I'll be reaching out to you in another few weeks for the general. In the mean time, 10 meters has been wide open lately. Time to get in on that!




Thank you again for the easy administration yesterday of my exam.  I am very excited about getting my license.  I started working on the General last night!   Thanks again for your help. 



Hi Debi,


Thank you so much running the test so smoothly on Wednesday. Best,



Hi Debi!


Thanks for helping with the Amateur Extra exam this morning at 10:30 AM EST.


The FCC ULS data base was updated with my new call sign: KY4WM around 4:30PM EST


I enjoyed the testing experience, especially because I passed!



Craig   – KY4WM

Hello Debi,  This is Mauro (KQ4GRG) from Athens, GA. We met last month when I took my Technician class test. I had a great experience and I'm now coming back to attempt my General exam this Saturday!       73!



Debi,   Thank you! Just trying to make sure I have everything in order. That has answered my questions I believe, I appreciate it.





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