Exam Prep

Welcome to our Trusted, Efficient and Convenient method for administering Amateur Radio Examinations!  Your KJ7QZJ Test Team is anxious to meet you!


A few final Requirements/Reminders prior to joining your meeting:

These instructions greatly expedite your exam and provide an efficient and pleasant testing experience.


1:  Grab your Government Issued Photo ID, we will need it shortly.  We have your 4-digit PIN, set that paperwork aside.

2:  Please scan your room and remove extra paperwork, posters, files, etc.

3:  Place your cell phone on silent and out of reach.

4:  Sorry, no physical calculators may be used.  You may use an on-screen calculator though.

5:  Please close ALL unnecessary programs, E-Mail, VNC, TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Steam etc.

6:  Only a Web Browser, Zoom and a Calculator may be active.

7:  Please remove Headsets/Earbuds/Smart Glasses/Smart Watches.  Kindly disable any Virtual Backgrounds applied to your Zoom Video.

8:   Please power off AND cover (bath towel/pillowcase) additional monitors/TVs that are within your field of view.

  9:  Well-prepared candidates typically complete in 13-18 minutes.  Testing is VERY efficient!  Remember your exam is never timed.

10:  Grab a cold drink, get comfy, relax & breathe, preparing for a smooth experience.  You got this!

11:  Psst!  It’s OK to be nervous!  Try thinking of this as a “Practice Test” that is simply observed!  We love seeing applicants like you Succeed!


Joining the meeting, you will see “Host Will Be With You Soon”  Hang tight, we know you’re there and testing soon.  While waiting, view the video displayed for final pointers and encouragement.  This is a great time to test your Zoom audio and microphone.  On the bottom of your Zoom screen, locate “Test Computer Audio”, click on it and then Test Speaker and Mic.  Follow the instructions there to verify that you can hear Zoom and that Zoom can here you!


Disclaimer:  Exam sessions are recorded and stored for quality, training, and exam integrity purposes.